Friday, November 13, 2009

Link Light Rail & SR519 Updates

Two updates on important transportation infrastructure projects and improvements in our region:

1) SR 519

Construction continues on this project near the Stadiums. The intent, as described by WSDOT:

"improving connections for traffic heading to the Port of Seattle terminals, Colman Dock ferry terminal, central waterfront area and sports stadiums and destinations in Seattle's SODO neighborhood. SR 519 improvements will separate car, freight, pedestrian and rail traffic to help improve mobility, pedestrian safety and reduce the risk of collisions. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by June 2010, in time for the start of construction to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct between S Holgate and S King streets."

Project completion is slated for June 2010. For more information please click here.

2) Link Light Rail Line - Seattle to SeaTac

On December 19th, riders of the Link Light Rail will be able to commute from downtown Seattle all the way to SeaTac Airport. Sound Transit set the 2009 opening date so that service would be up and running before traffic for the 2010 Olympics hit Seattle - an estimated 250,000 people are expected to visit Vancouver during the event, and many will fly into our region before commuting North.
Sound Transit estimates 3,000 riders will board the SeaTac Airport Station each day by 2020, reducing congestion along I5 and other major transportation corridors.
The other benefit is of course that those who need to catch a flight may now board the train downtown during rush hour and still make it to the airport station in roughly 36 minutes.