Monday, November 2, 2009

Sea Level Rise Display @ the Olympic Sculpture Park

SAM recently had a simple yet powerful display in place at the Olympic Sculpture Park; the goal was to demonstrate the effects of climate change on sea levels.

The blue line, as shown in the first picture, demonstrates the current high tide line. The red line, shown in picture two, simulates the high tide line if sea levels rise by one meter.

What you can't tell from these photographs is that the red line is 20 horizontal feet inland from the blue line. In other words, if sea levels rise by one meter, we lose a good chunk of the sculpture park to the ocean. Researchers point out that Seattle's slopes are quite steep compared to other parts of the world - in Seattle's Indonesian sister city for example, more gradual topography at sea level means much harsher flooding than what was shown in this example.

Note that many experts predict a one meter rise in sea level could occur as early as 2100.

Source: For more information on the exhibit, please click here.