Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd & Pike Tower - February 9th EDG Meeting

The first Early Design Guidance meeting for 2nd & Pike Tower, (Project #3009156), was held last night at City Hall.  The project, a proposed 440 foot apartment tower housing 340 units plus skybar and restaurant, is being designed by Tom Kundig and Jerry Garcia of Olsen Kundig Architects under the guidance of owner Urban Visions and Greg Smith.

The Project Vision Statement is as follows:  

"The 2nd & Pike Tower will provide the missing link in the pedestrian intensive Pike/Pine corridor.  The project will restore this once significant corner to its place as an iconic landmark and extension of the region's ambition.  It will respond to its unique location and history with a multi-faceted building which is both transparent and dynamic.  

The southeast corner of 2nd Avenue and Pike Street was the home to the MacDougall Southwick Department Store from the turn of the 20th Century until 1964.  Once the center of the Seattle Retail Core and across the street from the Bon Marche, the area began to experience a downturn once the core began to move East.  The area eventually became neglected and urban renewal resulted in the destruction of many of the adjacent historic buildings.  The 2nd and Pike intersection has since been relegated to serving the retail core by providing surface and garage parking.  The goal of this project is to inject the site with a vitality and humanity it has not seen for decades. 

Urban Visions has established itself as a leading force in large sustainable designed projects.  The 2nd & Pike Tower will be the culmination of this commitment.  The building will achieve LEED Gold certification, gathering sun and wind from the site.  

A large street level restaurant and upper level Skybar with roof decks will further insure the building's engagement with its neighborhood and contribute to the richness of the Pike/Pine Corridor."