Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Energy Star Cities in the USA

Energy Star - TOP US Cities

The EPA released its latest data highlighting the top 25 US cities with the most Energy Star Labeled Buildings.  The survey, which is based on 2009 data, shows Seattle dropped YOY from #10 down to #14.  Currently, Seattle has 69 Energy Star labeled buildings, equating to around 20.1 million square feet of floor space.  According to Energy Star estimates, this equates to roughly $15.4 million in cost savings.  

Topping the list this year is Los Angeles with a whopping 293 Energy Star labeled structures covering 76 million square feet of floor space.  Energy Star translates this data into cost savings of $93.9 million.  Note that Los Angeles also placed #1 in 2008.   

An interesting point is that the survey does not look at the ratio of Energy Star buildings to the total metro market building count - analyzing the data this way would change the rankings and possibly push Seattle higher up the list.