Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd & Pike Tower Information Summary

Below is a dashboard summary of 2nd & Pike Tower; watch for more information regarding development beginning in April.

For any additional questions, please contact Greg Smith or Broderick Smith @ 206.262.2880.

2nd & Pike Summary

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Potential Apartment Site in Pioneer Square

As reported on "The New Pioneer Square" blog today, we recently co-hosted a design charette at the Olson-Kundig offices in Pioneer Square.  Along with Tom Kundig and his team, we surveyed a group of young urban professionals who lived and/or worked in Pioneer Square.  Our goal was to better understand what Generation-Y wants in an apartment, and then apply that insight into our design discussions for two development sites in the area:  "200 Occidental" and "167 S. Washington".  The write-up mainly discusses 167 S. Washington and can be found here:  

If you are interested in participating at one of the future focus groups, please contact us at