Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seattle Comprehensive Plan

Every 7 years, Seattle updates its Comprehensive Plan, a response to the Growth Management Act of 1990.  The plan is used for policy moving forward, specifically related to "land use, transportation, housing, capital facilities and utilities. The City's plan also includes elements addressing neighborhood planning, human development, and the environment." 

So how will Seattle grow over the next 20 years?  Voice your opinion online here.   

The entire Comprehensive Plan Review process is outlined below, with any potential decisions by City Council not expected until late 2012 or early 2013:
  • Summer 2011:  Scoping & Public Discussion
  • Fall 2011:  City Council Scoping Resolution; Public Input into First Draft
  • Winter/Spring 2010:  Draft for Public Discussion
  • Summer/Fall 2012:  Revised Draft based on Public Comments
  • Late 2012/Early 2013:  City Council Consideration